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Cost & Profitability Analysis Software

Make strategic decisions and improve performance based on accurate and reliable cost data.
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Operational & Strategic Cost Management
Maximize your profits with Sixtina Cost & Profitability


Make optimal pricing decisions based on accurate cost data.

Cost Control

Understand cost drivers, find cost reduction opportunities, and improve operations.


Correctly allocate indirect costs to avoid distorted and misleading data. 


Measure custormer and sales channel profitability.

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Why choose Sixtina Cost & Profitability

We have over 20 years of experience designing and successfully implementing performance management solutions that drive performance and deliver growth.


Our approach to management is that “Measurement is the key to improvement” and we believe any organization, no matter its size, can exceedingly benefit from performance management software to thrive.


The combination of consultancy services and our own software solutions makes us unique and convenient for any organization that seeks continuous improvement.


Contact us today so we can discuss your data intelligence needs and how we can help you tackle them.

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Sixtina runs entirely on the web. Users benefit from no initial investment, no installation and little configuration, secure hosting, and scalability.

Data Automation

Sixtina can connect to any database or file format, making it possible to automate and schedule the collection of data.


Sixtina offers all features and capabilities provided by larger vendors, but costs a fraction of their price.


Much More Than Software

Our Services

We don’t just sell software. We focus on successful implementations that will create value for our customers. Our 2-decade experience gives us the necessary specific industry knowledge to succeed.




Successfully implementing performance management tools requires a seamless transfer of ownership. We provide that knowledge both for customers and individuals seeking to learn about performance management.


Our customers are our most valuable asset. We provide 24/7 direct support, ensuring you can access your tools whenever you need them.



We help all sizes of organizations


We are a company in constant growth and for a long time we’d been looking for a tool within the software market that would support us in strategy management, data integration, and cost analysis; for better decision-making, that would allow us to continue growing within an increasingly competitive market. With Sixtina Total Management Suite we were able to establish reliable and real-time analytics that allow us to control the most critical elements of our business. Using both Sixtina Cost & Profitability and Balanced Scorecard we can concentrate on customers and products that are most profitable, perfect our processes, and deliver our strategy by transforming simple data into strategic information.

Fernando Lovera

Sales Director

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