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The best strategy is the one that gets executed

Take your strategy into action and measure performance to achieve goals
Set your strategy

Without a framework for achieving agreement about strategy and tracking performance, strategies continuously fail to succeed. Use Sixtina Balanced Scorecard to:

Align everyone in the organization around its Mission and Vision.

Link projects to goals, goals to measures, and measures to strategy.

Obtain quantifiable metrics to improve.

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Direction and values need to flow from the senior team to lower levels. Managers need to know what problems employees experience and why. Information needs to flow between units, businesses, and geographically. With Sixtina Balanced Scorecard:

Make information flow vertically and horizontally, both ways.

Prevent information silos.

Create awareness of individual and general goals to avoid conflicting priorities.

Measure and improve

Without a balanced set of indicators, performance improvements in one area may come at the expense of performance in other areas, or short-term improvements may degrade long-term value. Implement Sixtina Balanced Scorecard to:

Promote accountability and set rewards.

Track performance of Key Performance Indicators.

Drill down on the data to analyze and predict trends.

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Fully customizable dashboards


Strategy map


Unlimited scorecards


Customizable alerts to KPI owners

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Gantt project scheduling

Talk to us

If the management tools you are currently using aren’t providing you with the analytical capabilities you need to efficiently manage your organization or, even worse, you can’t fully trust the information you get out of them, you are among a surprisingly big number of companies not taking advantage of what modern performance management software can achieve.


We have over two decades of experience helping managers obtain the data they need to be able to make strategic decisions that will directly impact in efficiency, profitability and enterprise value.


Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to discuss your current needs and how we can help you address them. Our consultants will interiorize with your specific requirements, advise based on industry knowledge, go over our solutions, and provide a project plan and price quote.

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